Building a camera mount for a kayak

I wanted to shoot some video, but definitely didn’t want to hold the camera while paddling. I don’t wear a helmet, so a helmet mount wasn’t an option. Plus those show where your head is pointed, which is disorienting to watch.

So here is my spare parts – $10 solution.

Camera mount


This is the mount, made of PVC pipe, cheap and easy to work with. Cuts with any old wood saw. There are three T joints. You don’t need caps on most of the ends, just the one with the camera. I didn’t bother to glue any of it together and you’ll see why below. Pushing it together holds it pretty well.


I bought a bolt and nut of the right size to fit the camera. I then drilled a hole in the cap. You could glue the bolt right into the cap if you want. Even with the cap attached, this fits into a sandwich bag and my PFD  pocket.


When I don’t want to use it, the mount folds flat on the bottom on the kayak and takes up no space at all. The width is set to fit inside grooves on the bottom, so that is lies straight. When I want to use it, I swivel the neck up, slap the camera on the top and start the video. Height and width will vary by type of kayak and this might not work well in a whitewater or sea kayak. If you have drains (for a sit on top) you could add two elbows and mount it on the drain holes.

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